The Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library would like to introduce you to a new resource Nature Masterclasses, which provides a course module to teach you about the Scientific Writing and Publishing process from the perspective of the publisher and editors.

Register an account with Nature Masterclasses using your Columbia University address and you will have access to all of the course material:

With Nature Masterclasses, Editors from various Nature publications offer insight and lessons about:

  • Planning and writing a paper – including “What makes a great paper,” “Data Management” and “From Introductions to Conclusions
  • Submitting to a journal – including “Data Presentation,” “Selecting a Journal for Publication” and “the Editorial Process”
  • Publication & authorship – including “Understanding Peer Review,” “Authorship & Authors’ Responsibilities” and “Measuring Impact”

If you have any questions or would like more information about Nature Masterclass, please contact the Health Sciences Library: