Instructional Assistance

Course Reserves

Create a list of Course Reserves items for students to access either in the library or electronically. Our Course Reserves policy provides guidance for acceptable materials and submission deadlines.

Class instructional sessions

Informationists can visit your class and provide customized guidance on how to get the most out of library resources. To schedule a session, contact the Knowledge Center

Detect plagiarism

The popular internet based plagiarism detection service TurnItIn can be set up by contacting CUIT.

Research Assistance

Systematic reviews

Informationists can guide you through the review development process, provide feedback on protocols, execute search strategies and advise on appropriate software and documentation methods. Learn more about our systematic review advisory service and then get started by scheduling an appointment with an informationist.

Customized research consultation

If you're not sure where to start we can help you identify new resources and explore new search methods. Get started by scheduling an appointment with an informationist

Getting Resources

Interlibrary Loan 

If Columbia University does not own or have access to a book or article we can help you obtain it through Borrow Direct or interlibrary loan.

Recommend a Library purchase

Fill out the 'Recommend a library purchase' form if there is a title you would like the Health Sciences Library to acquire. We can not guarantee that the item will be purchased, but all requests are carefully considered.

Deputy Borrower

If you don't have time to pick up physical materials from the library you can designate someone else, a deputy borrower, to do so on your behalf. Simply fill out the online application form with the Library Information Office in Butler.